Shaolin Jazz- 37th Chamber Dream Girls

dreamgirlsTalk about fortuitous meetings of happenstance. I was introduced to a fellow blogger who is connected to an artist who is currently working on a project to promote a group of dynamic sistas with natural hair. Up my alley would be a wholly understatement. Not only on are these ladies beautiful they are quite accomplished as well. The strength and beauty they possess is highlighted through the amazing photography. Here’s another kicker, they are also all about the 90’s, yes to know me is to understand my undying love for the 90’s. I’m talking about the, music, fashion, TV shows, and slang urrthang. The merging of dopeness is insurmountable. The Shaolin Jazz Dream Girls are a component of the Shaolin Jazz- 37th Chamber project, conceived, crafted and produced by Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tones Jones. Shaolin Jazz- the 37th Chamber exposes the relationship between jazz and hip hop. The music is a reminder of how much jazz has been a major cultural influence on the culture of hip hop. The Dream Girls are representing the feminine side of what Shaolin Jazz has to offer through grace beauty and stride. Take a moment to be refreshed by the many facets of natural black beauty.



For all SHAOLIN JAZZ content go to and here are social media accounts: ig: @shaolinjazz, twitter: @shaolin_jazz37, tumblr:


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