What Am I Reading/ Day 13 of the Just Blog It Challenge



Oh my goodness….what might not seem like a loaded question could be questionably explode-able!  I have a tendency to read several books at one time. Sometimes the book is for pleasure sometimes I am trying learn and be a better Yonnie(actually both can happen simultaneously, I have definitely learned a thing or two from a trashy romance novel). Recently I devoured my second Brene Brown book, “Gifts of Imperfection”. Loved it, loved her first one that has not been as credibly noted, ” I Thought It Was Just Me,” next on the list of course is “Daring Greatly,” can we  say stan, or bran, what would be a heavily intoxicated author follower be called?  Next on the list is Emily Griffin, you might remember her from her made into novel “Something Borrowed. The book was soooooo much better than the movie and I know that is usually case, but really bypass the movie, save yourself 2 hours of unnecessary torture. I digress, I am currently reading her other novel “Baby Proof,” to breed or not to breed, I so agree. Let me add to the list “Most Wanted Woman,”by Eric Jerome Dickey. I’m in a book club so yeah, overlapping happens. I only got halfway through Dickey so I will need to revisit his version of a femme fatale assassin. I would be remiss if I did not add to the list, “The Glass Kitchen,” who my mother bought at the thrift store but clearly states on the cover its not for sale until next year. Weird. I like it, though because the cooking lady is clairvoyant, (who doesn’t like a telepathy with their friend chicken) In between my blog readings, I must have a book in my hand. I am  one of those being held hostage by the olden days.I do not own any sort of reading device. I almost forgot I have one more honorable mention, Walter Mosley, “Ptolemy Grey,”  much like in real life I can be become to attached to a character and need time to process feelings over trauma, so I’m giving myself time, will resume at a later date. Welp, that is all folks. I have  a crazy long list of must reads, and if you have any to share please do.


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