Toot Your Own Horn/Day 11 Just Blog It Challenge


So many things, so little time…..Sometimes I have a hard time tooting my own horn other times I am shouting from the rooftop about my greatness. One thing I really like about myself is my unrelenting desire to always be better, mind you better not perfect. If there is something I can be doing to solidify a better quality of life then I want to be all over it. If it means eating better, exercising, and meditating, I must dip a toe. Sitting around complaining about my circumstance has never been my deal. Not to say that every venture  endeavored has bode well. Trial and error has now become my best friend, but I don’t give up. The pitfalls can be deep and I suffer in the valley lost looking for meaning in the lesson and it eventually it comes, whether I consciously or unconsciously recognize the growth.  Even with this blogging challenge. I had severe reservations about even doing it because I don’t have a business or a “real” blog, all I have at the moment is the desire to write and create.  Now I am able to check off one more notch of innate desires to always be better. Challenging myself to better…whooo hooo…TOOT TOOT!!!



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