What I Have Learned From Pop Culture


What I have learned from pop culture is people seem to lose their sense of self respect for money and fame. I think with popular onset of reality shows, they have somehow increased the low levels of stardom people are willing to subject themselves too. Yes greedy opportunistic people have been around forever but it just feels like nowadays with the all the social media outlets we are privy to people’s nonsense on another whole level. We are bombarded everyday through some form of media outlet about someone who is famous engaging in foolery, albeit sometimes entertaining foolery. I recently made a concrete decision to stop watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it was the only reality show I could tolerate. But now, after the whole debacle between Kenya and Portia, my minute ability to watch has completely dissolved. Watching beautiful black women act a fool no longer entertains me, and I don’t think putting people in the hospital is funny. Pop culture can unknowingly impact a person’s psyche so I have learned to take everything I see and hear with a grain of salt. 


2 thoughts on “What I Have Learned From Pop Culture

  1. *Gasp* That outfit, I just can’t imagine leaving my bedroom in that. But you are so right, reality TV has brought drama and sexuality to the media in a totally new and undesired way.

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