One Thing I Love About Facebook/ Just Blog It Challenge Day 8


I cannot actually remember the first time I heard about Facebook rather I remember one of my first encounters with it. I was 25 and working as a Residential Counselor for Upward Bound at Rutgers University. Some fellow counselors and I were in the computer lab on a break. I would say at least three of them were on the internet looking at their Facebook pages. I was completely uninterested so much to the point I forgot about an account I had made under a hotmail account. I did not bother with Facebook until 2007. I created a new account with yahoo.

During this time I had just broken up with some friends and trying to solidify a life in the District of Columbia without them, needless to say it was a rough time. I did not have any pictures and definitely didn’t have any friends. I hated Facebook and had no use for it. Fast forward maybe a  year or two my social life hit an incredible upswing. I was going out and making new friends having a ball. All that went on Facebook. I had a jerk back in 2007 who told me to get a life because I had commented on a mutual friend’s page about his lack of photos. The disparaging comment in hindsight, I believe motivated me to move on. Thank you jerk off, not only did I get a life but I am so enamored with my Facebook page, I’m borderline narcissistic. Whenever I’m feeling a little down or lonely, or less accomplished I do a quick browse through my photos and instantly reminded of how awesome I am. I made some really good memories with people I enjoyed. Facebook has now become a constant companion. I try to keep my sad posts to a minimum but who doesn’t have a bad day? I am very mindful of the friends I add to my page and a lot of people I have never met in person are some of the best people in the world. Always there to give me encouragement. I appreciate Facebook for giving me a platform to express myself through my blog, to keep tabs on all my friends and family members who are stretched across the country, and it keeps me informed on what’s going on in the world.  I like being able to size up a guy by his Facebook page. I like to stalk too lol. In a nutshell my social life thrives on its existence.


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