Industry Pet Peeve/Just Blog It Day Challenge 6

music industry


I don’t have a business to complain about personally but I do have some music industry complaints. My blog was created out of the love for neo soul music. I know some people think it’s hokey and neo soul music is played out but it’s not. There is a whole wide world of great artist and musicians who are very talented providing positive music. I wish these particular artists would get more notice and become the norm versus the opposite of what we are witnessing in current day music. I tell people all the time good music is still being made but you might not hear it unless you have XM radio. I also find it strange how when neo soul was becoming mainstream and everybody was obsessed with Jilly from Philly, Musiq, India Arie, Glenn Lewis, Kindred the Family…etc….why those particular artist started to phase out. I for one was all on board for a musical revolution, a new revelation.  I’m not sure what type of r&b took its place but I do know hip hop was going down a single tracked road and the golden age of hip hop as some of us like to refer to was dwindling slowly to its enviable demise. It is annoying to think how many people have access to regular radio but we are at the mercy of the people who think they know what we want to hear. According to mainstream America everyone wants to hear Lil Wayne ten times a day and that simply is not the case. I will say living in the District of Columbia I have access to two radio stations that play current neo soul, and old school r&b, but not every urban area across the country has the same luxury.  My best defense against poor music is to give people options. My hope is to garner as much recognition as possible for people who believe in good music. Don not give up on good music it still exists and if you need some guidance check out my blog. (Insert shameless plug).


2 thoughts on “Industry Pet Peeve/Just Blog It Day Challenge 6

  1. I was listening to the Esperanza Spalding station at work today and came across her song Black Gold. I love it. I have to admit I was never a huge neo-soul fan, but man do I miss authentic soul music. It makes you want to dance, fall in love, dance some more, and create something…anything. Anyway, check it out

  2. I like Esperanza a lot. I saw her in Houston actually at the House of Blues. Black Gold is a superb song, I played it out for about a week after I heard it. Thank for you sharing. I miss you!

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