Best Advice/Just Blog It Day 5 Challenge

ImageThe best advice I ever received was success is the best revenge. I struggled a great deal throughout all my years of school and I was often belittled and talked down to as a result. Even as an adult going to college I never felt I measured up. I know it sounds  incredibly cliché but I also adhere to the old adage let them haters be your motivators. I can recall  several accounts when someone has tried to put me down only for me to turn around and do something great(like graduate from college, twice). Some of my “friends” I went to high school with were shocked when they found out I was in college. I always wanted to attend an HBCU, and I wasn’t going to let anyone or anything deter from me going.

I know you should not care what people think about you, but in life you are going to encounter a lot of people posing to be confident when they are highly insecure. Insecure people will do anything to infringe on your rights to be great. They will befriend you just to see if they can tear you down.  It is a hurtful process but when I had a real friend break it down to me I finally understood. One of the most effective ways to counteract what people say or do to you, is to pursue the hell out of your dreams, be secure, and work on peace of mind. Success is measured differently by each individual but once you achieve it and look back at the people who never thought you were good enough, you will have won.


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