sassy afroWhose Really Benefiting?

May 25, 2010 at 8:28pm

Is there a hidden agenda beyond societal means? Could this possibly be a way for men, particularly black men to gain back control? I mean with the uprising of more black women steadily attending college and graduating to come out with good jobs perhaps the male ego is feeling a bit bruised. We think its white society setting us up for failure but maybe that is just simply not the case. Yes I have heard over and over again that men are never intimidated by a successful women, but more so it is annoying and a turn off for women to brag on themselves. But let’s just pretend for one second that men are starting to feel a little bit threatened by women who can seamlessly take care of themselves and are actually quite happy being single and maybe overly happy about being celibate. I mean God forbid the majority of single successful black women are really HAPPY. What if we are not bitter, overbearing, or bragging about our degrees. What if we are traveling the country, having happy hour with our girlfriends at chic bars and restaurants, nestling up with our cute little puppies, watching romantic comedies on rainy days by ourselves and feeling COMPLETELY good about it. What if we feel free not having to worry about std’s, pregnancy, and heartache? Where does that leave our men. I’ll tell you. Perpuating lies and rumors that there are not enough of them to go around and if we sistas don’t get ourselves together we will not be one of the lucky…… the chosen few who are blessed with a good man.

I just had a co-worker tell me yesterday after I confronted him about his relentless desire to pursue  me after admitting he just broke up with someone, that I was wrong to think he was just looking for a quickie or that I would just be some kind of rebound chick to release on and keep it moving. He insisted that he was genuinely interested and I should know this because, as we ALL know there is a 45-50 ratio of black women to men. In other words with all this plethora of nookie to choose from he must really LIKE me. He is not that much of a catch or a prize, or maybe he his. Maybe I’m tripping , because, he has a job, no kids and not married.( Duh. What’s wrong with me. I should be salivating at his every word and breaking my neck to be with him) What he and so many other brothas are trying to do is use this falsified gimmick of “ no good black men left” as a means to get a** . I cannot speak for all sistas but at this point I could really care less. If I meet someone who I have this great connection with and we hit off so be it, but I will not be “scared” into a relationship or bypass BS because “you” this desirable black man can have his pick of any black women who walks by. So I ask whose really benefiting?


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