What Happened To All the Cute Rappers?

trinidad jamesWhat happened to all the cute rappers?

Am I the only one concerned about some nice abs, well dressed, handsome 16 bar spitting rapping Adonis’s? You know how interactive I like to be so let’s take a trip down memory lane. Some of these rappers are still relevant and that does not discount their relevancy in this post but they are the last of a dying breed. Off the top of my head here’s  my list of attractive rappers:

LL Cool J,Rakim, Kid N Play, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Common(Sense),  Tupac, Ice Cube,  I say a possible 2 from Bones Thugs and Harmony depending on light/dark skin preference,  Treach, ( bring back abs) ,  Heavy D brotha had moves and dressed real smoove. My penchant for Method Man and Redman might be a required taste but what woman passes up a tall brotha.

Now  lets give it up real quick for some fine one hit wonders:

Loon and Chingy, both had great smiles. As much I love Jay I have to wonder what really happened to Memphis Bleek, he was the cutest out the clique. Shout out to Mc Lyte  need a rough neck, sure why not. What about Mr. Cheeks, DMX, and Onyx.  My one last top pick for finest rapper  of all time is Andre 3000, he does naughty things to me in my mind daily.

Fast forward to present day among our most prolific rappers we have Lil Wayne, Trinidad James and Drake, do I really need to state the obvious…moving right along.  Kendrick Lamar bless his heart is one of the few current rappers I like but lets be honest he’s a bit odd looking, like a black hobbit.  Then you have 2Chains, Future, ASAP Rocky and some other mangy hoodlums I happen to see while flipping through 106th and Park on a very and bored uninspiring night. I know, I know,  your doing some compare and contrast. You feel like digging for your old copies of Word Up and Beat magazines so you can remember a time of entertaining eye candy. Its okay this why I’m here, free therapy, express yourself ladies.

Who did I miss? Let’s all reminisce together.


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