Myth of the Natural Hair Nazi

The Myth of the Natural Hair Nazi

Where is she? If you know her please bring her directly to me so we can chat. She is messing up my vibe and we don’t even have a personal relationship. I am in total agreement that people have the right to have their own reasons for what, how, do their hair, and that is AWESOME, but what I cannot get down with is this notion of a natural hair Nazi. Here’s the deal because I have not this met women I am led to believe that any women who chooses to wear and support natural is automatically a NHN….Houston we have a problem. I have never not once told anyone who is not natural they should be, have I tried to encourage those who are natural to stick it out, yes,  only because I know the struggle is real but once you get to the other side the freedom is so worth it. From what I gather this NHN person is rude, aggressive, and tries to belittles others, again I have not met said women so I can only assume this is what happens. In regards to that, I have been met with a lot of negativity about my hair to my face. Offhand comments, looks of disproval, people asking do I actually comb my hair….those people are very real in my world. Like I said if you know a natural hair Nazi I would love to meet her and understand her point of view. In the meantime I will remain supportive and rock my curly locks.

Misconceptions About Natural Hair

*Yes we wash our hair and comb it.

*If you see a naturalista and her hair looks a little cray be kind because she could be transitioning and left without resources to assist her. Tell her about this blog and I will happily work with her.

* No it is not a trend, it’s just that in 2013 we are finally realizing the toll of what years of abrasive heat and chemical relaxers can do to our hair.Image


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