Happy Thanksgiving

butterfly-8205What am I thankful for? Right now I am thankful to see the sun because it has been a miserable dreary mess these last couple of days up and the through the D.C. metropolitan area. I am also thankful for the quiet time I have to sit back and reflect. I have been on this journey of meditation and it is no punk biatch let me tell you. If you have ever tried to just sit  without thoughts it is a true challenge but just like with anything in life practice makes perfect. Since I’ve been on this journey I’m starting to notice how much I have been on the go. I never considered myself to be this super busy person with a whole lot going on but for the past year or two relocating to a new a city, adjusting to a new life, and completing quite a rigorous Masters program, only to be back where I started in all actuality is a LOT going on. Not only physically, but emotionally, and spiritually as well. The universe is helping me to take a break, be still and rest. If you are like me and possibly alone for Thanksgiving look for the peace in solitude because it might be just what you need.


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